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  • Ushio M*, Osada Y, Kumagai T, Kume T, Pungga RS, Nakashizuka T, Itioka T, Sakai S* (2019) Dynamic and synergistic influences of air temperature and rainfall on general flowering in a Boenean lowland tropical forest. bioRxiv 10.1101/576231

  • Kitayama K*, Ushio M*, Aiba S-I (2018) Celestially determined annual seasonality of equatorial troipcal rain forests. bioRxiv 10.1101/454058

  • Ushio M* (2018) Use of a filter cartridge combined with intra-cartridge beat-beating improved detection of microbial DNA from water samples. bioRxiv 10.1101/435305

  • Tsuji S*, Miya M, Ushio M, Sato H, Minamoto T, Yamanaka H (2018) Evaluating intraspecific diversity of a fish population using environmental DNA: An approach to distinguish true haplotypes from error sequences. bioRxiv 10.1101/429993

  • Kondoh M*, Kawatsu K, Osada Y, Ushio M (in revision) A data-driven approach to complex ecological systems. (Book chapter)

    In press/online


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  2. 2018

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  6. Ushio M*, Hsieh CH, Masuda R, Deyle RE, Ye H, Chang CW, Sugihara G, Kondoh M* (2018)
    Fluctuating interaction network and time-varying stability of a natural fish community
    Nature 554 (7692): 360–363
    相互作用する魚たち © R. Masuda
    論文へのフリーリンク: SharedIt link (read only)
    紹介ブログ: Nature Ecology & Evolution, Behind the Paper
    プレスリリースなど: 京都大, Kyoto Univ (英語版), 京大フィールド研, 龍谷大, 科学技術振興機構, 東北大, 國立台灣大学
    新聞記事など: EurekAlert!, ScienceDaily, PHYS.ORG, 京都新聞, 日本経済新聞, 環境展望台 (国立環境研究所), Yahoo! ニュース
  7. 2017

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    Environmental DNA enables detection of terrestrial mammals from forest pond water
    Molecular Ecology Resources 17 (6): e63–e75
    水を飲むトラの子供 © M. Ushio
    プレスリリース: 千葉県立中央博物館, 龍谷大, 東京農大
    テレビ・新聞記事: NHK News Web, 毎日新聞 (千葉), 千葉日報, 朝日新聞
  11. Chang CW*, Ushio M*, Hsieh CH* (2017)
    Empirical dynamic modeling for beginners
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    Ecological Monographs 87 (1): 105–129
    ボルネオ島キナバル山 © M. Ushio
    キナバル山熱帯山地林で 2005 年から行ってきた一連の研究の総まとめとなる論文です
  15. Koyama K*, Yamamoto K, Ushio M (2017)
    A lognormal distribution of the lengths of terminal twigs on self-similar branches of elm trees
    Proceedings of the Royal Society B 284: 20162395
  16. 2016

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    Social and ecological factors associated with the use of non-timber forest products by people in rural Borneo
    Biological Conservation 204: 340–349
  18. 2015

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    Effect of water depth on predation frequency by diving beetles on mosquito larvae prey
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    Linkage of root physiology and morphology as an adaptation to soil phosphorus impoverishment in tropical montane forests
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    High contribution of Synechococcus to phytoplankton biomass in the aphotic hypolimnion in a deep freshwater lake (Lake Biwa, Japan)
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    Microbial communities on flower surfaces act as signatures of pollinator visitation
    Scientific Reports 5: 8695
    ラベンダーを訪れるセイヨウマルハナバチ © E. Yamasaki
    Scientific Reports 注目の論文」に選定されました!
  23. 2014

  24. Katayama N*, Silva AO, Kishida O, Ushio M, Kita S, Ohgushi T (2014)
    Herbivorous insect decreases plant nutrient uptake: the role of soil nutrient availability and association of below-ground symbionts
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  26. 2013

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    Effects of condensed tannins in conifer leaves on the composition and activity of soil microbial community in a tropical montane forest
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  31. Before 2012

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    Dynamic scaling in the growth of a non-branching plant, Cardiocrinum cordatum
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  40. : This symbol is downloaded from this website and distributed under Creative Commmons Atribution Liscence (CC BY 2.0) (see also this Wikipedia page).


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    Forecasting ecological time series using empirical dynamic modeling: a tutorial for simplex projection and S-map. (Book chapter)

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    TN and MU equally contributed to this work.


  1. 平成30年9月18日出願済 特願2018-173812
    潮雅之 「破砕ビーズを利用したカートリッジ型ろ過フィルターからの微生物DNAの効率的抽出」

  2. 平成30年4月18日出願済 特願2018-79640
    潮雅之 「強く同期した周期性を持つ時系列データ間の因果関係を検出する解析手法」


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  1. 2018.3 第22回日本生態学会 宮地賞
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